nicole. seventeen. scotland. i like to play the sims a lot but lately i've been busy + ill so i'm on a hiatus. i'll be back in september, most likely. ♥

still no ts4 cas demo

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wow mum’s ‘friend’ stayed over last night and i woke up to find £40 missing from my purse and my cards all moved/in the wrong place and my sister also has £20 missing from her purse what a nice friend u have mum

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Peter Pan - my first male sim creation.

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selfie game is so weak


selfie game is so weak

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You should have crowned her, ‘cause she’s a goddess.You never got this.


You should have crowned her, ‘cause she’s a goddess.
You never got this.

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does anyone from scotland have the ts4 cas demo? bcus if so imma be at your house once i wake up in 7 hours thank

*locks doors and windows*

you can’t hide forever

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just so you all know when i'm not on here you can find me here if you need me or just want to talk

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plumblobs replied to your post “sometimes i forget that some of you guys are married or/and have kids…”

same same, except i’m 22 lol

it’s ok u can still join the lonely procrastinating club

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